Neues HWTK Discussion Paper veröffentlicht!

Prof. Dr. Chris­ti­an Ar­nold und Prof. Dr. Dr. Her­mann Knöd­ler ver­öf­fent­li­chen eine neu­es HWTK Dis­cus­sion Pa­per (2017/1) zum The­ma „Va­lue co-crea­ti­on: Dis­clo­sing Ser­vice-Do­mi­nant Logic’s con­struc­tio­nal flaw”


Wi­t­hin the frame­work of Ser­vice-Do­mi­nant Lo­gic (S-D Lo­gic), it is as­ser­ted that the be­ne­fi­cia­ry is al­ways a co-crea­tor of va­lue. Ac­cord­ingly, the crea­ti­on of va­lue is al­ways a shared act of the be­ne­fi­cia­ry and at least one other par­ty. Howe­ver, va­lue co-crea­ti­on, wi­t­hin the mea­ning of S-D Lo­gic, com­pri­ses se­ver­al pro­ces­ses that dif­fer in dis­tinct ways. The crea­ti­on of va­lue re­qui­res the per­cep­ti­on and trans­for­ma­ti­on of cer­tain events on the side of the be­ne­fi­cia­ry. The­se pro­ces­ses do not in­vol­ve joint or col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve ac­tivi­ties; ra­ther, they are con­nec­ted in a high­ly selec­tive man­ner with the con­text. The in­ter­ac­tio­nal as­pect of ser­vice pro­vi­si­on does not take pla­ce as part of va­lue crea­ti­on, but ra­ther du­ring the col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve ap­p­li­ca­ti­on of spe­ci­fic a com­pe­ten­ci­es-mix of the par­ties.

Das neue HWTK Dis­cus­sion Pa­per steht hier zum Down­load be­reit:
2017/1 Ar­nold, Christian/Knödler, Her­mann (2017). Va­lue co-crea­ti­on: dis­clo­sing Ser­vice-Do­mi­nant Logic’s con­struc­tio­nal flaw (PDF)