Gastronomy Management
Cur­rent de­ve­lop­ments in the glo­bal tou­rism mar­ket are ma­king a big im­pact on the ho­tel and gas­tro­no­my in­dus­tries. Busi­nes­ses need to in­te­gra­te the­se trends into their ma­nage­ment, in line with both mar­ket and ser­vice re­qui­re­ments.

In their prac­tical and up-to-date cour­se, stu­dents in the spe­cia­li­sa­ti­on Gas­tro­no­my Ma­nage­ment are pre­pa­red for chal­len­ges at the hig­hest le­vel. Bey­ond com­pre­hen­si­ve sub­ject and me­tho­do­lo­gi­cal know­led­ge, the spe­cia­li­sa­ti­on also pro­vi­des par­ti­ci­pants with the so­ci­al skills they need to work with in­ter­na­tio­nal cli­ents. Ad­di­tio­nal­ly, cur­rent trends in the field are ta­ken up in in­no­va­ti­ve con­cepts, which the stu­dents can im­ple­ment prac­tical­ly.


Fields of application

  • Ma­nage­ment as­sis­tan­ce in food and be­ver­a­ge in­dus­try
  • Mar­ke­ting and sa­les
  • Plan­ning and or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on
  • Event ma­nage­ment
  • Guest re­la­ti­ons
  • Hu­man re­sour­ces
  • Fi­nan­ci­al con­trol­ling



  • Gas­tro­no­my
  • Cu­li­na­ry ex­pe­ri­en­ces and ca­te­ring in­dus­try
  • Tra­de fairs and con­ven­ti­on ca­te­ring
  • Event plan­ners and in­cen­ti­ve or­ga­nis­ers
  • Health re­sort in­dus­try
  • Crui­se ships
  • Ca­te­ring and fa­ci­li­ty ma­nage­ment
  • Lei­su­re hos­pi­ta­li­ty
  • Ho­li­day and the­me parks