Taxation and Auditing

This com­plex cour­se tou­ches on in­ter­na­tio­nal law and pre­pa­res hwtk stu­dents for di­ver­se and in­te­res­ting work in va­rious fiel­ds. Bey­ond fun­da­men­tals such as tax, ac­coun­ting and au­dit­ing, stu­dents also ad­van­ce their un­der­stan­ding of ma­cro­eco­no­mics. The ex­ami­na­ti­on of per­ti­nent case stu­dies also enables stu­dents to im­me­dia­te­ly ap­p­ly their know­led­ge at work.


Fields of application

  • Fi­nan­ce
  • In­ter­nal au­dit­ing
  • Ac­coun­ting
  • Fi­nan­ci­al con­trol­ling
  • Book­ke­eping
  • In­de­pen­dent con­sul­ta­ti­on
  • Tax law



  • Tax con­sul­tants
  • Au­di­tors
  • Busi­ness con­sul­tants

Mo­du­le ca­ta­lo­gue (spe­cia­li­sa­ti­on) – Ta­xa­ti­on and Au­dit­ing, dis­tan­ce learning (PDF)